Nélida Buratti´s Sculptures, by Fermín Fèvre
Nélida Buratti´s sculpture pieces, executed in wood or marble, always allude to the female body. In some cases, this allusion is rather analytical and expressive. In others, there is a greater synthesis.
Their execution is also disparate. Reflection prevails in some works and their compositional structure appears to be very elaborate. In others, an almost gestural dynamics is highlighted. Such is the case of the marble pieces, in which the figure is enhanced through the imprint of the gesture.
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Nélida Buratti´s Sculptures by Enrique Gaimari
This is to certify that sculptress Buratti, Nélida Beatriz, has attended classes in direct carving for a period of three years, with the undersigned, Gaimari Enrique; I wish to point out that during this time lapse, I have observed that this student is extremely gifted from the point of view of her artistic and aesthetic skills, and above all, of the great personality she imprints on her images.
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